About Us

Here at Cardio V Products, we understand the need to keep your people safe. That’s why we care for your health and the health of your staff, patients, clients, customers, and students. Our full line of medical-grade protective apparel makes it easier to accomplish this goal. Let us help you find the right products to best suit your entity’s needs.  Cardio V carries a range of protective wear including face masks, gowns, head caps, and shoe covers. Every Cardio V product is backed by extensive scientific research and is doctor approved to deliver the most effective, reliable protection against airborne chemical particles, liquid aerosols, oils, and fine dust liquids that could carry the Coronavirus. Our products are ideal for hospitals, laboratories, general medical use, government agencies, corporate settings, schools, and universities.  Our wholesale pricing is competitive and can be customized to fit your business’s needs. Select items can be printed with your company logo.  Contact Us today and let us get to work on a personalized product quote and help make your life easier during this unprecedented time.