Head Caps


The Cardio V brand disposable SMS head cap is specifically designed to protect your head and hair from exposure to chemical particles, liquid aerosols, oils, and fine dust liquids that could carry virus particles including COVID-19. Ideal for hospitals, laboratories, and general medical use.


  • Disposable 
  • Non-woven fabric, 100% Propylene SMS, 30 g/m2 
  • Impermeable to liquids and fluids
  • Antistatic 
  • Elastic band for a snug fit
  • One size fits all


Protect your head and hair to avoid exposure to chemical particles, fine dust liquids, oils, and liquid aerosols.


  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • General Medical Use

Head Cap Measurements: 

  • Diameter: 50 cms
  • Color: Blue/White